A Tale of Two Scanners

Ciclop scanner with OSMM sheild
BQ’s Ciclop 3D scanner with OSMM stepper shield.

Early in January, I ran across two different articles about open source 3D scanners. After discussing this with the other members of the Mill, I decided to build them and to prove that they were in fact open source. In the process, working on both of them let me fill gaps from one with info from the other.

Atlas 3D / FreeLSS

This scanner uses a Raspberry Pi (and Raspberry Pi Camera) to do: the imaging, user interface (via a web page), the math (including point cloud to mesh) and to control the A4988 stepper driver board and lasers.

The Kickstarter campaign lets you buy the scanner, the kit, or just have access to the hardware design info. The software is freely available.

Using the information provided on the FreeLSS site, I ordered some parts and wired up a solderless breadboard,  connected it to a Raspberry Pi and did my best to approximate the hardware with LEGO bricks.

I’m still working on this one. [Stay tuned.]

Ciclop / Horus

This scanner uses an Arduino to control the A4988 stepper driver and the lasers. The UI and math are all done on your PC (not (yet) your Mac, but yes, Linux!). The imaging is through a Logitech UVC webcam.

The exact Arduino and shield are not yet available. In the US we may end up paying a premium for these European boards.

BQ released a complete Bill of Materials along with 3D printable STL files, laser cuttable parts, schematics, etc. The software supports Arduino UNO, not just their own Arduino. I deciphered the schematics and borrowed some hardware from the Atlas 3D (instead of FETs, I repeated the Darlington array chip as the laser driver). See the results below.

I ordered all the hardware, printed all the parts, and put it all together. I wasn’t able to get the same exact laser, and the mounts as designed weren’t particularly aimable. So I made some changes. And it worked!

To be continued…

OSMM Scanner Shield


Arduino Day 2015 at OSMM, 3/28 @ 1:00



Join Ocean State Maker Mill for an Arduino Day Open House!

Come see demos of various member-made Arduino projects and other Arduino-related technologies.  Find out more about Arduinos and how to use them, brainstorm project ideas, or ask questions to jump start your own projects or get past a tough point.

We’ll see you Saturday, 3/28 from 1:00 to 5:00 at 80 Fountain Street, #318,  Pawtucket RI.

FirstBuild Countertop Challenge!

Kurt Hamel micro-Block

Ocean State Maker Mill’s very own Kurt Hamel is in the running for the FirstBuild Countertop Challenge with his micro-BLOCK!

The ‘micro-BLOCK’ is a tribute to the micro-KITCHEN and offers an organized, compact, and aesthetic way to keep your most important cooking and baking instruments easily accessible right on the countertop.

Download the files to print your own, and if you think it’s amazing, cast your vote for Kurt’s micro-BLOCK to win at https://firstbuild.com/kurthamel/micro-block/overview/

Spring Has Sprung – Let the Events Begin!

rainbow vases

* Photo courtesy Kurt Hamel

The first day of Spring brought us snow… but never fear, rainbows AND maker events are on the way!  Here’s a quick list of upcoming events – either hosted by Ocean State Maker Mill, or where you can find and meet OSMM team members!

* March 20 – 22: Midwest RepRap Festival – Our very own Matt Stultz is in attendance, see if you can find him in the crowd to pick his brain!

* March 28: Arduino Day – stop by the OSMM workshop for an Arduino-inspired open house!  Meet OSMM members and see projects utilizing Arduinos.  Find out how to get started on your own Arduino projects.

* April 8: 3DPPVD and OSMM host a ColorFabb and 3D Hubs Workshop – Learn more about ColorFabb 3D Printing filaments – including their new carbon fiber filament.  Find out best practices and use with FDM printers.  Purchase a ticket to receive a ColorFabb sample pack!

* April 11: Robot Block Party – Stop by the OSMM booth to meet team members, see cool projects, and talk shop!

* May 2 – 3: Printrbot Build Party!  We’ll have a very limited number of tickets available for a group Printrbot Metal Simple build.  Saturday, build your new Printrbot, Sunday learn to use it!  Stay tuned for additional info

* May 15 – 17: Maker Faire Bay Area – OSMM is teaming up with Make for an exciting event you’ll want to “race” to!  Fire up those rubberband engines…

* September 26 – 27: Maker Faire New York – plans are still in early stages, but expect a crew!

We hope to see you soon!

Pi Day Open House

PiDayThis Saturday, (3/14/15) we will be hosting an open house to celebrate Pi Day with Raspberry Pi demos and homemade pie snacks. Come see demos from OSMM members, and bring your own work to show off to others. We will be kicking things off at noon on Saturday and will be continuing the fun most of the day. This event is free and open to anyone who is interested in learning more about the Raspberry Pi.