Synth Saturday! Mar 3, noon-6:00 PM


Ocean State Maker Mill is ringing in spring with our March synthesizer meetup from noon until 6:00 PM on Saturday March 3 in Pawtucket, RI. Whether you’re an experienced electronic musician, or are just curious about what this whole ‘modular synthesis/Eurorack’ thing is about, this is the perfect chance to gather with fellow New England synth nerds. Attendees are encouraged to bring their own synths, modules and racks. Headphones are encouraged, but we’ll also have a PA system available for a wider audio experience. Anyone is welcome to perform — if you want to volunteer ahead of time, we’ll help publicize your performance!

Ocean State Maker Mill is a membership-run organization with the mission of helping encourage the usage of arts, engineering, and science to help make ideas become reality. We provide a workshop for our members to build their dreams, and an educational space for the greater New England community to learn new skills. We are located at 80 Fountain Street in Pawtucket, RI.